Energy Saving Officine Rami

All Officine Rami products enhance significant energy savings.

All Officine Rami products offer exceptional durability by ensuring significant energy savings due to the thermal resistance of the materials used. Thanks to extensive labour atory testing and the use of innovative materials and technologies, we can provide for environmental cutting-edge solutions, with a significant emission reduction into the atmosphere.

Energy Saving
Guaranteed by thermal resistance

Officine Rami

Sustainable Company - Ecological Consciousness

Officine Rami is an environmentally conscious company implementing projects that encourage a sustainable use of environmental resources, reducing waste, enhancing ecosystems, and adopting positive economic practices.
Our products not only guarantee energy savings but also remain environmentally friendly even after their lifecycle, as they are built using only 100% recyclable materials.

Aware of the importance of adopting production processes that improve human well-being and reduce environmental risks, we invest in green economy and process sustainability.

Energy saving Officine Rami

Think Green

The protection and the respect of the environment, the reduction of polluting gas emissions, an efficient use of energy, raw materials, water resources, and the recycling of waste products and packaging are some of the solutions adopted to make the company sustainable.

Moreover, we installed solar panels and improved and renewed the lighting systems through LED lights and timers. The choice of local and eco-friendly suppliers not only benefits nature but also results in a more efficient and faster service. We choose for eco-friendly packaging such as wood and cardboard and, in a circular economy perspective, we also introduced traceable and differentiated waste collection, as well as the reduced use of plastic, promoting its reuse.