Officine Rami Research and Development

Research at Officine Rami to Ensure Product Quality

Our Research and Development staff is highly qualified and with the aim of combining extensive experience in the field with the will to develop modern and innovative solutions.

Highly qualified personnel
for innovative solutions

Officine Rami

Testing and Verification

All Officine Rami products are tested and verified by specialized and highly trained staff. Before entering the market, our products are subjected to undergo strict tests, such as sealing tests for glass doors carried out inside our climatic chamber to ensure their functionality standards even in the most peculiar and difficult climate conditions.

The Research and Development area employs the most sophisticated testing and control technologies. Before being introduced to the market, all our products are subject to strict tests, including stress and life tests, simulating different environmental conditions thanks to our climatic chamber.

Officine Rami

Open and Close Tests: Guaranteed Durability

All our products undergo extended cycles of opening and closing to ensure maximum durability over time. Achieving high-quality standards is one of our primary goals and an additional guarantee for our customers.