Officine Rami Warehouse

Over 21,400 square meters of facilities.

New and spacious warehouse to ensure protection from weather conditions as well as easy logistics management.

Officine Rami disposes of three large departments, each for every different product type, and a newly built warehouse.

Officine Rami

Officine Rami Area

Officine Rami covers an area of over 21,400 square meters, including approximately 11,000 square meters of facilities and 10,400 square meters of buildable land. The production facility is divided into three large departments, each for every different product (mosquito nets, technical curtains, and glass doors) and a newly built warehouse.

A sign of Rami’s strength is that during the global economic crisis, the company decided to invest and bought most of the surrounding available land and built a new warehouse to meet the strong commercial expansion at the beginning of the new millennium and in anticipation of the following years.

Officine Rami

Large-scale production deserves a large stock space.

The extensive capacity of the new warehouse ensures protection from weather conditions for both raw materials and finished products, which are properly packaged before being shipped to end customers. Furthermore, the availability of storage space ensures a safe and comfortable logistics pick up.