Manual Night Curtain with Cassette

Night Curtains

Manual night shade with cassette available in different models, sizes, and colours It can also be equipped with the RAMI PATENT slow back-on-top system and screen printing.

Again, as with manual curtains, the design offers various types of handles for closing the cabinet depending on the customer's needs. A unique feature of this system is the cassette that can adapt to the length of the cabinet, up to a maximum module of 3750 mm.

Curtains with cassette are used both to cover vertical, semi-vertical and horizontal benches at normal or low temperatures.

  • Wide range of fabrics: metallic, micro-perforated, breathable, solid.
  • Suitable for use with semi-vertical and horizontal counters at low temperatures.
  • Custom-made product tailored on customer needs.
  • Reduced energy consumption for refrigerated counters.