Officine Rami

Night Curtains

The application of night curtains is one of the most cost-effective and versatile methods of energy saving in the food distribution market. Officine Rami is world leader in the production and distribution of night curtains, with more than 5 million installations worldwide. Thanks to numerous labour atory tests and the use of innovative technologies and materials, we are able to offer cutting-edge solutions to the market in terms of energy saving and reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

Our curtains comply with the manufacturer's refrigerator dimensions since they are custom-made. Our closing systems significantly reduce cold loss, maintain a constant temperature inside the counter between shelves, preserve food quality, and reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

All our products are subjected to mechanical evaluation and thermal testing in our test facilities, and custom-made with plastic components and aluminium extrusions of molds and dies of our property.

Officine Rami

Logos and Graphics

Our curtains, thanks to fabrics suitable for printing, microperforated or blackout, can be screen-printed with Logos, Slogans, and Graphics for a perfect advertising solution useful for promoting information, products and business services.

Officine Rami

Fabrics Range

The night curtains, thanks to the different types of fabric, guarantee high quality thermal insulation.
Some fabrics, using a special metallized fiber, make the fabric more resistant and, thanks to the micro-perforation, prevent the formation of condensation and therefore ice inside the furniture.

Officine Rami

Test Room

Attentive to the needs of customers and the market, Officine Rami tests in its own climate chamberin accordance with UNI EN ISO 23953-2:2006 and in the mechanical test area, all its products before their commercialization