Mosquito Panel


Officine Rami offers many recessed mosquito nets, meeting the different needs of the market. Fixed frame models are ideal for installations in spaces that do not require openable or retractable mosquito nets, allowing the product to adapt to different shapes, from the most traditional square and rectangular to more peculiar ones, such as arched or circular, that we call "shaped". The possibility of mounting more resistant nets in aluminium and stainless steel makes fixed-frame models suitable for use in artisanal or industrial fields, protecting spaces with narrow and less accessible openings that need to be protected from insects for hygiene or safety reasons, while requiring external air circulation.

Sliding mosquito nets, both vertical and horizontal, are particularly suitable for very wide openings due to their robust structure. Hinged mosquito nets are sturdy and resistant, ideal for door spaces, where they can be installed as actual fixtures. They are available in versions with one to four doors, symmetric or asymmetric, with side or central hinges, and equipped with magnetic closing system. Moreover, the complete absence of floor tracks completely eliminates any architectural barrier, facilitating daily life.